Thank You, 2020!

Thank You, 2020, for everything you took from us and gave in exchange. Going through the memories made me realise how fast it went! It was a bizarre time, I can’t find a better word to describe it.

It have started with my first trip to Salon du Vintage in La Rochelle in France at the end of January and it was super successful, but stressful. I almost missed my flight back to Dublin and it was my first time sleeping in the airport!

Salon du Vintage Paris at the end of February was mind blowing and we came back with empty suitcases. The pandemic was slowly coming to Europe, but I was keeping optimistic. At the beginning of March I traveled to Salon du Vintage Bordeaux and it was a big fail. The fear of Covid19 was in the air and I was lucky not to catch it after contact with hundreds of people. Shortly after I made the first reusable facemask never ending sewing marathon started. I was working day and night trying to tackle hundreds of orders. At the beginning of August we traveled to UK to visit my brother and his his family and shortly after I flew to Rome to see my childhood friend.

My trip to Salon du Vintage Lyon at the end of September was a big risk, but a great success! I met Pasang, who lives in Paris and buys vintage goods for Old Love vintage shops in Chengdu city and they became our official distributors in China. At the end of October I travelled to Luxembourg and this was the most stressful journey I have ever had in my life. My main suitcase haven’t arrived and I was ready to cancel my participation in Salon du Vintage Luxembourg. Thankfully it arrived on the day of the show and I sold more than half of the products. For the rest of the year I continued sewing facemasks and selling Bebrave Textiles products online.

I’m glad that so many new people discovered our brand. Once again, I say OUR brand, because I do it with my family. Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the year, who believe in what we do! I promise that next year we’ll grow bigger and better!