My name is Ieva and I am founder of bebrave. I was born in Lithuania and for the last twelve years, my home is in Ireland. I have always valued Original Good Quality Clothes and Accessories and loved to go treasure hunting to second hand clothes shops. I was searching for myself in different professional fields for years. I have studied and worked as a journalist and photo reporter. I then chose to study technology of photography. After emigrating to Ireland, I studied Textile Design in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Beautiful handmade things were always close to my heart. I come from a very creative family, who loves arts, crafts, music and value good style.


My great grandmother Aleksandra was a very good knitter. She learned this craft from her mother. She was knitting and sewing clothes for her whole family. She had a great sense of style.


My great grandfather was a make-up artist in the theatre. He was also making wigs, wiglets, beards and moustaches from real hair and sculptures of people and animals from found free form tree branches.


My father Artūras was a musician. He loved jazz. He played trumpet, piano and accordion. He played in a brass orchestra and was a leader in a diksilend band. He loved music!


My mother Renata used to work as Lithuanian language teacher and was an actress in a theatre for ten years. She is an idea generator and stylist of Bebrave. Her sense of style is inimitable!


My grandmother Irma is a Tie Maker of Bebrave. She is also an actress in a theatre. She is multi-talented and has a unique sense of style.


My brother Juozas is a professional photographer. He is passionate about Photography and is crazy about video art.


My sister-in-law Brigita is a muse and a model of Bebrave. She is incredibly beautiful and wise young woman!


My son Kajus is my life force. I am Brave because of him!