How to Choose the Right Bebrave Textiles Tie?

Unconventional fashion accessory – that’s how Bebrave Textiles necktie can be described. It’s a handcrafted tie: pre-tied, decorated with old brooches, hand-rolled roses, buttons and even rings. It’s handmade from vintage neckties and is one-of-a-kind. It is unisex and because of its shorter length reminds a necklace or cravat. If you want your tie to reflect your personality and compliment your figure, you have to know few important things.  

The width of a tie

You probably heard about basic necktie etiquette and the rule of proportions. Talking about widely available self-tie ties that are mainly worn by men, the main principles are that a broader body constitution man should choose a wider tie and the skinnier guy should consider a narrower tie. The same rule can be applied when choosing Bebrave Textiles handcrafted tie and it doesn’t matter you are a man or a woman. So if you’re a bustier lady or a broader frame man, go with a wider tie, if a slimmer figure – narrower tie. We won’t go into detail about matching the width of your tie to the width of your jacket lapels simply because our ties are unconventional and we encourage people to think outside the box and look a bit different. There are so many more ways to wear this type of fashion accessory than just a classic suit and shirt outfit, especially when having ladies fashion in mind. Wear Bebrave Textiles tie as a necklace inside a shirt or with a t-shirt for a super casual look. Accessorise your cocktail dress or even an evening gown. Dare to create a unique look. 

The length is also important

The same thing can be said about the length of a tie. Although all Bebrave Textiles neckties are pre-tied and their length can’t be adjusted, it’s important to check their length in the size guide. If you’re a tall man or a woman, don’t choose a petite style necktie or if you’re petite, don’t go with a long tie. Of course, we don’t follow the “from tip to belt” rule because our ties are more like cravats, it is important to read the measurements and think logically. A man of basketballer’s height would look wrong wearing a petite style necktie. 

Which colour to choose?

If it’s your first Bebrave Textiles tie, you’ll probably wonder which colour to choose that could be easily incorporated in a variety of outfits. It is always a good idea to go with a multicoloured tie because it will be more versatile. Of course, if you’re looking for a handcrafted tie for a specific outfit or occasion or you already have a collection of neckties and want to add something charming, then be more adventurous. Also, pay attention to the fabric of a tie that caught your eye. Neckties that are made from glossy fabrics are perfect for special occasions whereas matte finish ties can be worn every day, even with a pair of jeans. 

Bear in mind that all recommendations mentioned before are just guidance and the choice of your tie’s width, length, colour and fabric is depending on your style. Sometimes breaking the rules creates unexpected looks. Just keep these things in mind and trust your instinct and feel free to ask if any questions arise. Custom orders are also very welcome, so don’t be afraid to share your vision with us.