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Luxurious Ivory Colour Necktie


Product Description


Beautiful Necktie Handmade from Cotton Blend Tie and Decorated with Fancy Brooch. Perfect Wedding Accessory! Comes with a Pocket Square from the same fabric.

Size Chart

Length: 33cm, Width: 8cm
Adjustable Neck (up to 53cm)

Pocket Square: 25 X 25cm

All bebrave Neckwear is made to fit, so please put your neck measurement or short description in a box provided when making an order and we will make sure that your chosen Necktie fits you perfectly.

Bebrave Neckties are not like traditional self tie neckties and look like a scarf, cravat tie or a neck piece. Their collars are slightly longer than you neck size, just to give some space for your shirt collar, if you would decide to wear it in a traditional way.

Item #NE0033